Sunday, September 11, 2011

Brazil's Beach Life~ Rio & Bahia ..toned bodies, relaxed vibe

Brasil !   (pronounced Braa-zeeu)

It evokes mystique, and sensuality. It's big, from the Amazon jungles to a vast interior to the great cities and beaches.

The people are beautiful, the language mesmeric, the music an invitation to dance, the sand golden, the sunshine a call to the faithful, the attitude chill.

You're brown, black, white, everything in between - Brasil will love you.

A photo look at two of Brasil's famed beaches, dedicated to the Brazilian body & soul and its devotion to the South American sun... with music that exuberates its love for this indefinable land, in the sublime sound that is Brazilian Português.

Ah, to be a Carioca ... 
Ipanema Praia (beach), Rio de Janeiro

Morro Dois Irmãos  (Hill Two Brothers), from Ipanema Beach

The sound of classic Samba, in the voices of Beth Carvalho and Ivete Sangalo...

The statue of Cristo Redentor, from Ipanema-Leblon beaches

Samba in the voice of Cartola, from the 1960s ... you'll understand why Brazilians have saudade in their DNA...

Posto 9 (Lifeguard Station 9) ... where the beautiful people congregate as the day gets on

Alexandre Pires rocks out with Angolan artists Anselmo Ralph & Yola Araujo ... genre MPB, Música Popular Brasileira

High school grads paint up and roam the streets asking for small donations in plastic cups, as a reward for getting accepted into university

The Veloso bar where Jobim and Vinícius de Moraes were inspired to compose 'Garota de (Girl from) Ipanema' watching a girl that walked by daily

Jobim and Moraes play Bossa Nova, a derivant of Samba. Rock on Gentlemen, this is your song ...

... and Lady.

Girl from Ipanema

Cariocas, please remove or graffiti the M from outside this Brazilian landmark, ugh

Let Brasil flow in your blood  ... Grupo Revelação..

Plenty of hostels around this intersection

This avenue along the praia is blocked to traffic on Sundays till early evening, so people can walk or run freely

The boys at Polis invite you to hang and cool off with sucos de frutas (juice) from a smorgasbord of Brasil's tropical fruit

What Salsa is to Colombia, Samba is to Brasil...somewhat. While salsa is deliriously grab-your-partner-and-jump-onto-the-dancefloor music, samba can be that but also be deeply poignant. Well, salsa can be very soulful too ... what do I know.

Morro Dois Irmãos is also famous for the Vidigal favela, seen behind the Sheraton

And then there are visitors who will swear by the outback laid-backness of the beach vibe of ...
Salvador, Bahia

You're in Bahia now.. listen to that Bahian sound

A giant from Bahia...Dorival Caymmi

Meus amigos, bem-vindo para o Brasil.

This land is pure magic.

In this traveler's experience, Brasil and Colombia are the most lust-for-life world cultures if music and dance .. at ferias, in breezy local restaurants and clubs, in barrios, on any street corner, at home with family and friends .. are an indication of a people's joy for living.


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