Friday, September 9, 2011

Hong Kong ~ Busy, thriving... yet beautiful

Your first gaze at Hong Kong island, from Kowloon island, and you'll be stumped ... a Manhattan-esque city set against the backdrop of a near rainforest?

Images of a congested, polluted Asian dragon disappear. Hong Kong is a contradiction of sorts.

A shimmering metropolis ...

but in the middle of the famed Hong Kong bustle ...

... tranquility and a hint of an ancient past.

Soaring skyscrapers from the sea ...

... to faintly Rio de Janeiro-esque views from the mountaintops.

If you're passing through Hong Kong on limited time, take the fast Airport Express Line train from the airport to Kowloon island, 20 minutes, or Hong Kong, 24 minutes. Trains run every 12 minutes. It's a good idea to get off at Kowloon and enjoy the views.

Once in Kowloon, walk around and make your way to the Promenade.

The Avenue of Stars is pretty silly, but hey you're outside on a sunny day.

Take in the nice views of Hong Kong island, across the water.

Board one of the famous 'Star' ferries, and head over to Hong Kong.

Once on Hong Kong island, walk around or hop an open decker bus to Victoria Peak.

Take the tram up to the Peak.

Enjoy the views of Hong Kong and Kowloon.

Take the train back to the airport from Hong Kong island.

Your travel photographer promises to return to Hong Kong for a longer stay, and get past the tourist surface and into local faces and culture, as with Colombia for example.


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