Traveling demystifies the world.

Run Wild Run Free photo journeys offer glimpses into lands and cultures. They're as much about sights, fun and music ... as they are about our earth. 

Indigenous peoples and wildlife in particular need our awareness and support as they face an onslaught from short-sighted commercial destruction. Lands are burnt down from pristine, bio-diverse forest to ranch land, plantations and logging warehouses, centuries old denizens driven from their earth, wildlife murdered for a few hundred dollars.

Let us not be voiceless ... anymore.

Travel aware.

Most travelers take in popular sights.. and seek out other travelers who look just like them.

Locals are eager to get to know you. Friendships dispel cultural stereotypes, creating a gateway to a more enlightened world free of clichés and bigotry.

Respect cultures. Make friends. Embrace difference. Understand the issues facing them and their earth.

Wild Free is a metaphor for the desire in each human to explore... as it is the nature of each creature to roam or fly free.

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